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Who are we ?

Presenting ourselves

Logiciel Episode's president, Yann Hugues, has more than 25 years of experience in the technology field. Thanks to his in-depth analysis, he became aware of the gap between pure technology and its use. He therefore created Logiciel Épisode in 2009 to address this issue.

We have developed the habit of treating our customers' needs with targeted support. In other words, we follow up in episodes since new needs may appear or changes may be made to existing ones. We stand out for our authentic know-how and a united family.

Electronic Data Interchange Montréal

What do we believe in ?

We are essentially guided by this same and unique phrase, "Innovation is our tradition." We are constantly looking for new challenges to take on, new solutions to bring, so we can evolve, challenge and open our minds.

Logiciel Episode does everything possible to make things easier for today's and tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

It is important for the entire Logiciel Episode team to build a relationship of trust with our clients so that we can all work towards the same common goal: success.

It is essential for us to pass on our experience to our clients for a better complementarity, while respecting each other's visions because our differences are also our strengths.

EDI Integration North Shore

Software that will facilitate your EDI integration thanks to the different infrastructure it contains.

This portal will allow you to better navigate all your business activities.

Our B2B network includes distribution and manufacturing companies in various industries across North America.

Our team is guided by fundamental values that allow us to reach the goals we have in mind and to create new ones.

Teamwork is therefore the essence of any project in order to bring it to success. Our team is versatile, which allows it to adapt to any situation or vision.

All of this being rooted in the respect we have for everyone.

Electronic Data Interchange North Shore