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We will be present at Tpac 2023

Tpac has been around since 2003, and is held annually in Canada. Created by Doug Ash, this event is dedicated to bringing together companies in the technology world to learn about new Sage-based software features.

Why did we choose Tpac?

Tpac is an excellent way to develop your networking, you meet people from different backgrounds, it is an opportunity to learn by discovering new advances made during the year.

It is also an opportunity to establish trusting relationships that can lead to partnerships in the future.
Tpac is an advantage for new companies to make themselves known, indeed the conviviality is a characteristic of this event, we all get to know each other offering a greater openness of mind.

C’est aussi l'opportunité d'établir des relations de confiance pouvant aboutir à des partenariats dans le futur.

Tpac est un avantage pour les nouvelles entreprises de se faire connaître, en effet la convivialité est une caractéristique de cet événement, on apprend tous à se connaître les uns des autres offrant ainsi une plus grande ouverture d’esprit.

How did we prepare for Tpac?

The first step is to know what we want to focus on and what is the message we want to send to those who will take the time to listen to us.

Then it's about making a list with all the materials we need, it can be the creation of communication supports (flyers, business cards, banners), updating the website or the gifts we want to offer.

Without forgetting to go through the booking process: booth, hotel and transportation. Last but not least, we spread the good mood and positivity within our team for a flawless motivation.

What have we gained since last Tipac.

A few months have passed and we have seen several changes since then. Indeed, we have concretized our partnerships with Agena300 and Pinnacle solutions, we have been able to expand our database, and consolidate our strategy.

Successive internal decisions have re-established our vision and goals. We have grown and continue to screw higher and higher.

Come and meet us.

We will be present for the 20th edition of Tipac from April 16th to 18th in Toronto.

Our president, our director and two other members of the team will also be present. This is an opportunity to be taken.

We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have. We are expecting many of you! So see you soon.

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