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Episode Software is at your service for all your electronic data interchange needs.

We serve professionals across the Greater Montréal area (North and South Shores), Ontario, Alberta and the United States.

Negolink's StoryTelling

Negolink was one of the first challenges we faced at Logiciel Episode. This tool was first designed entirely for one of our clients to provide them with better management and insight into their business. Based on its success, we decided to continue developing it to make it even more powerful and reach a wider range of customers. We have added several options to make it customizable according to the specific needs you will encounter.

As a tribute to our first collaboration, we have decided to name our new service Negolink. Nego in reference to our client Negotium, who trusted us during the development of this product, and link referring to all the domains that our service deals with. You too, like our first client, can adopt Negolink to better face any challenges. 

'Create your best investment'


Electronic Data Interchange Montréal

More specifics on Negolink's features.

Negolink is a tool that allows the registration and automatic processing of EDI transactions received or sent by your customers and suppliers in your accounting/ERP system.

In other words, what does it mean? With Negolink, all information is centralized in one place, the chances of making mistakes are almost zero. The transmission of information is faster and more fluid.

This tool revolutionizes the communication between your different partners and your employees. No longer will you need to send faxes, emails, or even letters. It has never been so easy, as a few clicks are enough to follow the information in real time.

Electronic Data Interchange North Shore
Our Services
  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Process Automation Between ERP and MRP Systems
  • Management Portals for Process Automation
  • Case Studies
What Sets Us Apart
  • 13 Years of Experience
  • Custom Solutions
  • Perfect Mastery of Microsoft.Net and SQL, Acomba, Microsoft Dynamix Nav and Microsoft Dynamix GP
  • Sage 50 and 300 Partners

We serve the needs of B2B, distribution and manufacturing companies in the Greater Montréal area (North and South Shore), Ontario, Alberta and the United States.

Negolink's different options

If you're a company whose use of EDI is central to the success of your business, let Negolink lighten the load so you can focus on other important issues.

Negolink processes for you: Invoices (810), Credit/Debit Memo (812), Orders (850), Text Message (864), Shipping Order (940), Shipping Confirmation (945) or ASN (856).

Electronic Data Interchange North Shore

Negolink guarantees

  • Processing speed: 1 order processed every 6 seconds, or 10 orders per minute.
  • A robust system: any anomaly detected by the system will be immediately notified with details.
  • Easy to use: an easy-to-understand mechanism thanks to its articulated interface.
  • A team you can count on
Electronic Data Interchange North Shore

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