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How to manage a team

We for You: Discover our tips for managing your team successfully

Whether it's in technology, retail, manufacturing or other fields. It is essential to know how to manage your team in order to achieve success together.

At Épisode Software, we have learned a lot over the years and continue to learn from the challenges we face every day. With this in mind, we have decided to share our experience with you.

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Tip 1* Teamwork.

Involve your team in decision-making or direction taking. Giving them responsibilities that will challenge them will allow you to think about the future of your company.

Keep in mind that before we are managers, presidents or employees we are also customers and consumers.

If you work as a team and manage to convince a large number of you, you will succeed in satisfying your current and future customers.

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Tip 2* Listening

Learn to listen to your team and take their feelings into account. Your team must feel secure around you, it is important to congratulate them on their success. You will have understood, recognition is essential for your own success.

Furthermore, your management must be different depending on your employees, because not all of them share the same capacity to take criticism, we are all different, and it is up to the leader to adapt.

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Tip 3* Teambuilding

Build relationships outside of work to strengthen your team and reinforce your bonds.

These activities will improve your team cohesion, conviviality and good humour.

Leave work relationships aside and discover your team in another dimension. You will be surprised by this experience.

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Tip 4* Daily meetings

Organize regular meetings during the week to keep yourself informed of completed projects and those in progress, you can also communicate to your team the changes or new projects to come.

Answer their questions, or help them when an issue appears. This is the best way to establish better communication and understand each other's needs.

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Tip 5* Leadership

Be sure of yourself, it will be easier for your team to trust you. To pull your team up, you need to be the example to follow.

Work with them, don't hesitate to go on the field, you will find it an advantage, you will better understand their working conditions and will be able to improve them.

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