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How are the data segmented in the software? How are they connected together? How is it exploited?

When the system works well, it can handle hundreds of transactions per minute. When it is not working, the delays will accumulate exponentially. The important thing is to always make sure that the two parties exchanging the information are exchanging the same information (product code, price, etc.).

What are the rules to follow for programming the software?

The guides provided by the clients must be followed. This should be done in the analysis phase of the implementation.

What happens to data in case of a virus or hacking?

It can be lost, stolen and encrypted like any other data.

How are the data segmented in the software? How are they connected together? How is it exploited?

Negolink, recognizes several types of documents, and depending on the types of documents and the rules established at the time of the implementation, it writes or extracts the information in the accounting system or ERP system.

Is it possible to customize it according to the client's demands and needs?

Yes, always, and that's the point. They (customers & suppliers) always have different requirements.

Can they be linked to inventory management, in order to view the flow, and replenish the stock if necessary?

In EDI, there is the 846 form (Inventory Inquiry). If it is in place, the customer can automatically see the supplier's stock levels.

After delivery (/shipping), are the orders archived? If so, are they linked to the administrative management system (ex: accounting)?

Transactions (all types) are kept in archive files. This is independent of the possible archive of the accounting system.

What is an error on Negolink?

An error is either, the inability to write the transaction in the accounting system (example: non-existent customer, non-existent product, non-existent unit of measure), or following the validation (example: invalid price for this customer according to the list of prices).

Does Negolink treat the tracking of orders for the consumer part? can the consumer have the details of their delivery)

No, this is the role of the transactional website if there is one.

Is it able to recognize the different currencies and convert them into the appropriate currency?

No conversion made by Negolink, everything is managed by the accounting system.

Is there an internal storage of all customer/order information?

Negolink always has a copy of the transaction before processing.

What is the principle of wrapping and unwrapping?

The data is incorporated into an identified and encrypted container (wrapping). At the destination the reverse operation is carried out (unwrapping).

What is an electronic standard format?

It is the established norms of what should be in the type of document.

How does Negolink manage the order flow (if several orders are made simultaneously?)

Negolink processes transactions in the order of arrival. No parallel processing.

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